Ending Morning Maddness

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May 3, 2017
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September 7, 2017


Morning routines are often chaotic and stressful, especially if you have children to get to school, a dog to walk, as well as get yourself ready for a busy day at work. Time is the most precious commodity we seek to find more of in our modern day lives, yet we often waste much of our time on mindless tasks such as watching television, scrolling through Facebook or other social media or spending too many hours cleaning our house.

My husband, who regularly starts his days at 430 am handed me a book to read which has motivated me to take a closer look at how I start my days and how I can be more productive in the mornings. The book is called ‘What the most successful people do before breakfast” by Laura Vanderkam. She also has a Ted Talk you can listen to here;


Mornings offer the perfect opportunity to set the pace for your day and be productive with your time. An early work out or meditation session are two of the best ways to get a jump start on a full day. Some research has suggested that morning exercise has more benefits than exercise at other times of the day. These benefits include; less sleep disturbance during the night, counteracting the stress hormone released in the morning upon waking and most important those people who exercise in the morning are more likely to stick with it, creating a lifelong habit of exercising at the start of the day. Depending on your circumstances morning exercise can include anything from a run, a Yoga or Pilates class, a gym work out, or simply performing a short exercise routine in your bedroom. Another side benefit to exercising in the morning is having time to mentally prepare for your day ahead by imagining how your day will unfold.

I challenge you to set your alarm and hour earlier tomorrow morning.  Chances are you will feel energised, focused and more productive and you will be motivated to begin your days a little earlier from now on.  A secret tip…..get to bed a little earlier too.